Further Information

Further Information

We will continue to contact patients by telephone, text message and email, so please make sure that we have the correct details on record for you to ensure the smooth delivery of your care. Because of the volume of information that we will need to disseminate and collect from you moving forward, email will be our preferred method of communication, if this is possible.

The below information is designed to make your visit to us that bit smoother:

  • Please wear a face covering (mask). This is a requirement unless you are under 11 or have a medical reason not to wear one.
  • Please attend on your own. If the appointment is for a child or a patient with additional needs, they must be accompanied by one parent or responsible adult only.
  • Please limit the personal belongings that you bring with you to a single bag, purse or phone. If you are combining your visit to us with a trip to the local shops, please visit them after you have been to see us.
  • You must arrive on time for your appointment. Please do not arrive early or late. This is critical to us ensuring social distancing and the safe, smooth flow of patients at the clinic.
  • When you arrive, the front door will be open but the internal door will be locked. Press the intercom button and you will be let in once you have confirmed your name.
  • Please proceed to the reception area where you will be asked a number of screening questions. Please answer truthfully.
  • Please try to limit the touching of surfaces and proceed to the rear of the ground floor waiting room where you will find the ‘pink sink’ to wash your hands.
  • You will be directed to the appropriate waiting room. We are sorry, but magazines, colouring books and toys are no longer allowed in these areas. You can still watch TV though!
  • Our toilet facility is for emergency use only. Please use the toilet at home before you attend.
  • You will be collected by a member of staff and your treatment will take place. We are sorry, but due to the need to limit your time inside the surgery, our usual chit-chat will have to be limited. We are sorry!
  • Following your treatment, you will be asked to put on your face covering again and then directed to our reception team where you can make a further appointment, if required.
  • To leave the clinic, please use the exit at the rear of the ground floor waiting room, washing your hands in the ‘pink sink’ on the way out. To access Coychurch Road, turn left at the top of the car park.

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