Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Adult Orthodontic Treatment

At Whitehouse Dental Clinic, we are able to offer adult orthodontics to straighten misaligned front teeth. If you are unhappy with the position of your from teeth, this can can be a great solution, especially when combined with our tooth whitening treatment.

Owen has undertaken advanced post-graduate training to allow him to plan and treat adult patients with a variety of different orthodontic treatments.

The best results are achieved through fixing brackets to the teeth and using wires to move the teeth. The brackets and wires that Owen uses are tooth coloured, not like the old fashioned stainless steel wires you might remember having as a child! Check out the Cfast website for more information on the system Owen uses.

If you prefer to have a removable system, Owen can also offer SmileTRU. This system uses a series of aligners to straighten the teeth, which has the benefit of being able to remove the appliance when required.

Adult orthodontic treatment starts at £1800. To see if you are suitable for this type of treatment, and for an accurate quote, just give us a call and arrange a consultation appointment.

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