Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Many people think that non-surgical facial treatments are reserved for Hollywood stars. However, smoothing wrinkles and having fuller lips is now easily achievable with our range of beauty treatment, all performed at Whitehouse Dental Clinic.

Rob has undertaken numerous courses and has been treating patients in the field of facial aesthetics for over 15 years. Whether it’s simple frown lines and crows feet you would like smoothing out, or fuller lips and the treatment of furrows, Rob has seen it and done it all before!

Treatments are suited equally to both men and women and consultations and treatment will be offered in complete confidence.


Botulinum toxin (know as Botox, Azalure, Dysport, etc) is the simple way of removing frown lines, crows feet and wrinkles from the face.

It involves a series of small, painless injections, after which the injected muscles are stopped from working, thus removing the wrinkles. Treatments last approximately four months, after which the wrinkles will gradually return.

The toxin itself is very safe and only used in very small doses to achieve the results you require. Your expectations will be discussed at your initial consultation but don’t worry, you will still be able to smile and look happy, just without the wrinkles!!

Dermal Fillers

Often used in conjunction with BTX, dermal fillers are used to restore the natural form of the facial tissues. Uses range from filling small furrows left by excessive frowning, to re-building thin lips to give a fuller smile. Cheek augmentation and filling the lines on upper lips left by years of smoking are also common uses.

Our non-permanent dermal fillers typically last for around one year, after which time, a gradual change is noticed to your pre-treatment form.

Again, the dermal fillers we use are extremely safe. Treatment consists again of a series of small injections, given after the placement of an anaesthetic cream to prevent any discomfort.

Prior to starting treatment, your expectations will be discussed in full so that the results are tailor-made to you. From filling minor furrows to subtle lip augmentations, everything is achievable!


Costs for BTX start at £ for one area, and for dermal fillers £. For more information, please call Dr. Robs treatment coordinator on 0333 577 9293.

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